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Step 1. Project Preparation

Consult Solution Vision, Define Business Process Owner, Technical Standard Orders, and Key User.

Everyone has their unique problem and budget. Therefore, consulting customer problem and budget must be the first step in building their system. This step need to be completed first because this will become the threshold to impress customer system details, such as module, user, and integration process. Provide customer budget based on priority.

Step 2. Blueprinting

Engage Explor Solution, Development Training, Setup Data Center, and Installation.

Gathering main problem and inspiration is one of the most important parts in building a good system. What main problem does customer want to adopt? Tell us how customer want their system looks like. The choice is yours. We recommend our customer to start this step early on. Bring customer calendar and set up development time. Think about the working schedule, holiday, season, etc.

Step 3. Development

Perform Functional, Development, Integration, and Regression Test.

Read carefully the functional document, we hope that the customer will also participate in the development process. If there is a major or minor problem during the development process, immediately clarify and explain it again in detail, especially integration process. During development, Explor's functional team will also performstress tests to ensure that the enhancements requested are in accordance with the integrity of the customer and blueprint.

Step 4. System Testing

Stress Test (System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing), Cut Over Planning, and End User Training.

During this time, Explor team will do Stress Test with customer. We will make sure all the processes in the module are running correctly. Integration between modules will also be tested carefully. We will assess each process based on the Key User. We will also plan when the cut over and end user training will take place.

Step 5. Go Live and Support

Turn On Explor New System, Site Support, and Remote Support.

Finally, the big day is here. It is Go Live time. Stay focused during Go Live time. Report immediately if there is anything special that need to be added to the system. We will support customer's new system inside and outside.

Creative, Dynamic, and Dedicated Profesionals is a must in our team.
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